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June 19, 2019
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AFA-CWA Council 61 Safety Committee Eline
Posted On: Oct 21, 2012


AFA Piedmont


Air Safety, Health & Security Committee

October 2012

Piedmont Emergency Procedures Meeting- SBY

Our meeting on October 9TH was held in the Company’s Action Management Center. The ACM is a room just outside of Dispatch and next door to the Safety Department offices. Steve Keefer – Piedmont’s Safety Director reviewed the Company’s procedure in the event of an aircraft accident. This meeting was attended by AFA, ALPA, PDT Safety, PDT Inflight and Flight Departments, Dispatch and Maintenance. AFA was represented by Anita Jwanouskos – MEC/LEC President, Pamela Johns – EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Chair and Heather OBrien - Safety Chair.

AFA requested to meet with Piedmont to have a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes during this complex procedure. We as a council are in the process of fine tuning our Emergency Procedure and were interested in seeing first hand where we fit into the Company’s plan. Having this knowledge aids us in preparing the best possible plan, a plan that uses all available resources to assist the Flight Attendants at Piedmont.

Next meeting scheduled for March 2013.

·        Piedmont Employee Safety Meeting – SBY

The Employee Safety meeting was held October 10th at Company Headquarters upstairs in the training classroom, outside of our Inflight and Flight Departments. This meeting is hosted by the Piedmont Safety Department. Safety Department members from both MDT and SBY were present. Also attending this bi-annual event were ALPA Safety, IBT Dispatch, IBT Maintenance and AFA Safety. The Flight Attendant group was represented by Safety Committee member Cindy Keen and Safety Chair Heather OBrien.

For this meeting the Flight Attendants at Piedmont requested that 13 items be brought forward for discussion. A complete report will be provided in our Safety Newsletter by the end of October. You will find a copy in your company mail box. However, we would like to in brief update you on each agenda item.

Agenda Items:

1.      Deicing Fluid Cleanup- Piedmont has determined that the ramp will be using a cleaning solution and paper towels to clean the stairs and galley floor after boarding has been completed. The Safety Department has agreed to put out a SAFETY ALERT to the ground staff with this information!

2.      300 Beverage Service- Inflight Director Mandy McGuigan has agreed to take this issue to US Airways mainline for review. Meanwhile determine what kind of beverage service you are able to do and maintain your safety. Example: you have exactly 45 minutes and 50 passengers- serve a limited beverage or water. To expedite clean up- stack cups when collecting trash (wear gloves). This makes it easier to stow the trash.

3.       Ice Sanitation- To keep ice off the floor of the aircraft place the large ice bin out in the galley where catering can place the ice bag. AFA is requesting a reminder be put out to all out station ramp to be vigilant in keeping the ice bags off of the ground and galley floor. We are also requesting that catering in the hubs put ice in the large ice bin if it is present.

4.    Garbage FOD (foreign object debris) - FOD is not currently an issue apparently. However if you need assistance in removing the trash from the galley you may request assistance from the ramp.

5.     Unsafe/Unstable extra step in out stations - The blue 2-step stool in ELM has been removed thanks to a FA Safety Report.

6.      Long duty days/lack of sufficient breaks- Was told that the PDT Planning Department does what they can, however it is difficult now that we do not have weekday and weekend schedules. There are different flight schedules every day of the week. On a good note the Safety Department is turning on the Fatigue Report page on the Piedmont Web site. As FAs we do not yet have language where we can contractually call out fatigued. That does not mean that we aren’t fatigued. Therefore PLEASE complete a report when your schedule has left you fatigued and exhausted after your 8 leg day!

7.      Ramp lighting in CLT- One week before our meeting the lighting had been adjusted thanks to a FA Safety Report. It has been reported back by Anita Jwanouskos and Steve Ormsbee (ALPA Safety) that the lighting relocation has been a huge improvement.

8.      Flight Deck and FA communication during turbulence- This falls into our CRM (crew resource management). When we start our trip if the Captain does not make a point to discuss the weather and how the flight deck will be communicating to you during the flight it unfortunately falls to us the FA to discuss it. Your safety and well being is worth it.

9.      Clarification of procedures during turbulence (FA to remain seated and dismiss final walk through?)- Another item discussed with Mandy McGuigan. If the CA tells you not to perform a beverage service due to turbulence communicate with the flight deck before sterile cockpit. The flight crew will tell you whether it is now safe to do the final walk through.

10.  Hotels with no elevators- This item needs further discussion with our Hotel Committee. The Safety Department suggested that if you stay on the 1st floor that a list be published with Safety/Security tips. The FA brought this item forward in regards to carrying heavy bags up and down the stairs.)

11.  PHL announcements in terminal F loud and distracting- This item also needs further review. I have been given the name Jeff Garver in PHL.

12.  Pilots to turn off seat belt sign in flight during level cruise- This is another item that will require us to use CRM. AFA is requesting that ALPA remind the Pilots how important it is to communicate with the Flight Attendant for their overall safety. Turning the sign off in flight during level cruise should be a clearer indicator when the sign is turned back on that we, the Flight Attendant should be preparing for more turbulent air.

13.  Safety related issues having a clearer message (ex: CILs) – AFA has requested that more FA safety issues be published on the Piedmont Safety web page. I am hoping that this will open up a line of communication to show safety issues that affect both the Pilots and the Flight Attendants.

Thank you to all the Flight Attendants that brought forward issues. Again, look for the upcoming Safety Newsletter at the end of the month.   Safety agenda items will be discussed in more detail and with updates. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact a member of the Safety Committee.

Fly Safe!

Heather OBrien

AFA Piedmont Air Safety, Health & Security Chair

315-573-3516 cell


Our Safety Committee members:

Safety Committee

Heather O'Brien




Stephanie Davenport




Gloria Woo




Marissa Fedin




Gwen Muir




Donna Pacini




Elizabeth Froemming




Cindy Keen





In Solidarity,

Your AFA-CWA Council 61 MEC/LEC Officers

Anita Jwanouskos



Megan Quigley



Sandy Baldwin


434-422-2504                       Facebook Council 61 Group Page

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AFA-CWA Council 61 Safety Committee Eline
AFA-CWA Council 61 Safety Committee Eline
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