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February 23, 2019
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UNIFORM ALERT: Piedmont Flight Attendants are reporting symptoms associated with wearing the new uniforms. If you have symptoms: • Notify AFA with this online AFA reporting system (CLICK the PICTURE ABOVE). Your answers will not be shared with the company. • Document your symptoms with the company. Ideally, send a copy of your report to AFA. Include when your symptoms started relative to wearing the new uniform and photos of any visible symptoms, such as rash or irritated eyes. • Stop wearing your regular uniform and get permission to wear an alternative; instructions below. • Symptoms that require lost work time or medical care should go through workers’ compensation. Instructions to secure an alternative uniform: Call Inflight, report your symptoms, and notify the company which alternative option (listed below) is best for you. Given the uncertainty regarding what’s in the fabrics, AFA recommends option (1) or (2), especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, ask Inflight for instructions to return your current garments. Options are: (1) Wear the old “blues” uniform; (2) Purchase your own alternative uniform pieces and save/submit your receipts to the company to request reimbursement for a “reasonable and customary” part of the cost; or (3) Order an alternative TwinHill uniform (note that currently back-ordered for months and chemical contents not yet known). Next steps? AFA is sending a sample of garments to a specialist lab to test the chemical contents of the fabrics. Again, report any problems to AFA, and if you have more questions or concerns, contact your AFA MEC Safety, Health, & Security Chair, Kimberley Bohr ( or 757-343-8509). As a backup option, contact AFA’s Judith Anderson ( or 206-932-6237).
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